Chomp fest!

Today we had a long train ride reserved to Munich, so we spent the morning and early afternoon in my idea of what typical Parisian fashion is and/or should be: eating croissants in the sunshine, looking at all the painters’ easels in the square behind the Sacre Coeur, picking your favourites but not actually buying them, drinking beer while listening to a jazzy clarinet busker and then having a long lunch. Omnomnomnomnom.

The train to Munich was delayed so we missed our connection, leading to an hour’s wait on a platform in Stuttgart. Something I’m sure we will need to get used to. Turns out, Germany isn’t that great for free wifi so I devoured my current book Life after life  by  Kate Atkinson. Such a treat to have time to read! Hugo is passing the time with a game called shark evolution, where you are a hungry shark eating everything in the sea. Granted, it is pretty fun. If you do well, it flashes up encouraging comments like “chomp fest!”, “super scoff!”, “scuba snack!” and “jelly belly!”. His shark also gets helpful accoutrements like a Christmas hat, a piercing and a bullet proof vest. Swag.

We arrived in Munich at 1.30am and were welcomed to our shared bunk room in the most expensive hostel in the world (but still the cheapest in Munich, due to some trade fair), to the stench of sweaty feet and the sound of a foghorn sleeping in the bunk in the middle of the room. If there were no bed bugs or mice in this dive, it was surely because the cocktail of sound and smell had scared them away. Roughing it just got real.


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