5 ways Munich is killing it

1. Beer is everywhere and it is the best you have ever tasted in the biggest glasses you have ever seen. Beautiful beer gardens, massive beer halls, lederhosen-clad men playing brass instruments while you drink beer.

2. Pretzels here are doughy, salty and filled with cream cheese or the creamiest butter ever. Excellent accompaniment to the aforementioned beer. I ate them too fast to get a picture.

3. This place is beautiful! On an excellent  free walking tour, I learnt that after WWII, the whole of Munich was basically flattened so they decided to rebuild it in the same way as it looked in the 1800s. There are lovely churches all over town (after beer, the second most important element of Munich’s history is the Catholic Church), trees line almost every street and there are loads of great parks: we rented bikes and went through the English gardens, the Olympic park and the Nymphenburg canal and parks.

4. The English gardens have a river running through them that you can FLOAT DOWN like Baloo the bear. It was about 35 degrees while we were there so we jumped into the refreshingly cool water (read “with a screech of surprise at the coldness”) and then let ourselves float downstream through the forest and under bridges for about 15 minutes. Then you have to grab a rope and try and haul yourself out of the water before the current drags you (or your swimming costume) further down. Then you need to walk back up to where you left your bags in your bikini. (NB German women are so svelte, they either do not drink the beer or they do a hell of a lot of exercise).

5. So much fascinating history! 3 days in München (or munchkin as we fondly nicknamed it) was too little. I would have loved to do more of the tours and get more into the history of the place (Hitler named the city the “centre of the movement” for Nazism and this is where the infamous night of broken glass and kristallnacht took place). Thee is also a massive royal residence that I’m pretty sure my mum and I could have spent about 3 days looking around. Next time. I will definitely be back.

It was sad to learn of the outcome of the EU referendum while there. Comparisons between the rhetoric during the lead up to the referendum and Germany before 1933 were difficult not to make. Weirdly, no one here was talking about it. It would appear that normal people in Europe do not care all that much about us Brits…either that or everyone we met was too drunk to notice…

Off to Slovenia!


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