Humble beginnings

Here’s us leaving Bonnie Banchory, to take the 201 bus to Aberdeen, to get the train to London, to get the Eurostar to Paris, to start our ‘big trip’ around the world:

It was weird to start such an epic trip with such a banal bus ride. I’ve taken that bus about a million times, but never with such enthusiasm (we were about half an hour early).

We swapped our nasty virgin east coast for the lush new Eurostar after a quick break at King’s Cross (not enough time for one last trip to Franco Mancas 😔 but enough to sit by the Canal with a picnic from M&S). Having realised that our stuffed bags lacked one essential tool, a bottle opener, we had a quick celebratory beer at a pub nearby.
Speeding our way towards la France, I wanted to think about expectations for the next 4 months and up to 18 countries…

  • Hugo = discovery, find the true meaning of life, find happiness (gee, thanks) and find himself. Glad you a taking the blog seriously Hugo.
  • Alex = adventure, seeing different ways of doing things, different cultures and delicious food and getting a chance to live on the day to day. Cue cheesy line about living in the moment.

We chose Paris as our first stop because we knew we would be absolutely knackered going into this trip. It is a place we have been before and just enjoy shooting the croissant-scented breeze in. It’s been quite a busy few weeks, full of packing and cleaning and goodbyes I don’t really want to think about too much yet.

We also spent the train journey ceremonially naming our bags, who will be our constant companions for the next few months. My massive 70 litre (not full!) Berghaus is named Beast, inherited from another trip round Thailand. Hugo decided to name his Big Bertha and the small zip-off day sack  was christened Bertie. My brown leather handbag unceremoniously became “the dog”. Hugo’s fold away bag is Blob the fish. A very happy, heavy family.


3 thoughts on “Humble beginnings

  1. Beast is back on the open road!!!

    Well done for starting your blog, I can’t wait to keep up with the marvellous adventures of Buskie and Hugo! 🙂


  2. Beast is back on the road!!!

    Well done on starting your blog, I can’t wait to keep up with the marvellous adventures of Buskie and Hugo! 🙂


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